Owooma! (You are sweet)

I woke up this morning and one song i had recently heard from a matatu was buzzing in my head and after a few inquiries, singing in miserable tunes and hymning to a few fellas all in the name of finding the actual song title to have me download it, it later turned out to be Owooma by Geosteady ft Charly & Nina.

Did they mean that their spouses were sweet? Did they mean bae was sweet like plainly sweet? I listened to the song over and over again but the sweetness of the word Owooma is the one that stood out ofcourse with the hard beats that made me forget the meaning of the song, I was baffled! I still am.

I recently bumped into an old friend when i made stop and a diner to have a drink to quench my thirst and also take a bit of a rest from a cumbersome task i had just completed. Sera my longtime high school crush that i feared way back for being extremely beautiful and flawless walked up to my table and we exchanged pleasantries.

People let me first tell you about Sera..She was this girl that every fuckboy at school died to get but was extremely hard to get. Even the teachers wanted a piece of her but to cool it down her dad was a top army general so that made many keep that distance…me too. She had all the curves the Lord personally laid his hands on, you may think that the lord took a few extra hours on her. She had it all!

I took that opportunity to confess something that i should have said 10 years ago just for just ofcourse not ruling out and withstanding the possibility that she was still up for grabs. I let it out.

“I had a crush on you since form 2 but i was this scared chap that feared to be lashed out at”, I murmured with a tone deeper than that of Dizzy Nuts (Where is he BTW).

She smiled, looked at me…rolled her eyes…looked away and then looked at me again. At this point i knew i was taking her home.

‘Pius”? She called me in a calm tone… “Yes Hun’, i replied….at this point i had activated my fuckboy mode and made it feel like i have been planning this for a while.

“I’m getting married in a weeks time”, she replied

My heartbeat froze, my feet got cold, a siren ran through my head, the room got hot( even with the AC on).  It was over!

Being the guy that never wants to be on the losing side, i opted for a draw. So to make it to the consolation corner, i politely asked for her number for me to send in my ‘utmost contribution’ towards her wedding and wished her well in her coming marriage. I’m stupid right? Yes, say it.

I humbly finished my drink and walked right to the taxi and sat, reached for my earphones to burry myself in that music losers listen to only to be disappointed. I had left my earphones in the diner. Damn!

I listened to Owooma by force, i had not choice but if i was lucky to get my catch, this song would make it to my playlist this easily.

So what does Sera have to do with Owooma anyway? Simple….From the mere optical nutrition Sera gave where she blessed the streets from, she was the real meaning of Owooma

It’s the Lovers month, Le Valentine week and i mean this is a song you could use to maybe describe your valentine and plainly tell them Owooma how you get to this conclusion and which yardstick you use is one i can’t really explain.

If you are spending your valentine with the lady that you tell Owooma then you must be one hell of a lucky fella.


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